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The Future of Travel - Sprezzatura 2021

Disclaimer: This is a blog entry meant to partially state my opinion, as well as relay valuable information. Any political tone is purely unintentional.

I think we would all agree that 2020 was a year to forget. Covid-19 had a devastating effect on the world . As you well know, one of the biggest victims was the travel industry. Italy alone lost billions of euros in travel revenue sending their already sluggish economy into a tailspin! A large part of their revenue usually comes from Americans who were banned because of the inability to get the infection rate below the 5% threshold set by the European Union.

Several versions of a vaccine are being released in the coming months. This is not meant to debate the vaccination or face mask issue, this is simply stating facts. It is very likely that if the EU decides to open its borders to American travelers, it will probably come with the condition of mandatory proof of vaccination. In addition to that, the following conditions may also have to be met:

  1. Vaccination

  2. Contact Tracing

  3. Random temperature checks at local businesses

  4. Social Distancing

  5. Face masks in certain settings

**Airlines may follow the same requirements.

Given that long list of possible requirements, the question is: are you ready to travel?

Regardless of your answer, out of an abundance of caution, Sprezzatura will follow whatever local regulations are in place at the time of the tour. Please check back for updates during the upcoming months.

Ci vediamo in Tuscany!

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