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Sprezzatura! is a once in a lifetime experience, but don't take my word for it.  See what travelers have to say about this amazing experience!
Boutique Tour of Tuscany

It’s the heart and passion you put into this tour that makes it more than just a “vacation” You’ve turned this tour into a life-affirming experience. Unforgettable. Brava, Chef Jenner.

Cynthia B., Minneapolis MN

Sprezzatura 2021

Boutique Tour of Tuscany
Boutique Tour of Tuscany

“Firstly, Chef Jenner. she has such a winning personality. Secondly, she took us to beautiful places where everyone made us feel like family, not like tourists. She was considerate to my needs of being older and not as mobile and quick as a youngster, and she chose a car and driver, Marco, who was just as personable and enjoyable as herself. Marco was able to give us some history and some inside info into the area where he grew up. They made the trip so very pleasurable.”

Debra S., Boston, MA

Sprezzatura 2019

“5 Star tour. Everything was well thought out and well planned. Hotel was fantastic including the continental breakfast.  Obviously the small group approach (not on a bus tour with dozens of other guests) was critical to my enjoyment. We loved the variety of wineries that we visited. From the large corporate to the smaller family run operations (which were our favourite - especially Giuseppe). The choices that you made for us to visit were fantastic! We also enjoyed both the welcoming dinner and the goodbye dinner - both were amazing experiences.  Hugely appreciated Marco and the personalized service he provided. He was amazing. Foodie tour and David's Museum was a very pleasant addition to this tour.


I greatly appreciated your professionalism and lovely personality. Thank you so much for making our trip of a lifetime spectacular!!”

Christine S., Toronto, CA

Sprezzatura 2018

Boutique Tour of Tuscany
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