• Chef Jenner

Sprezzatura! 2020 Updates

The new year is here and June will be here before you know it, so my Srezzatura planning is ramping up. Starting this month, I will publish monthly newsletters highlighting upcoming events in Firenze and Tuscany that travelers can attend in their personal time. I will also highlight any changes in either itineraries.

One of my biggest resolutions for 2020 is to reduce my personal use of single use plastics and it looks like the city of Firenze is in agreement. In accordance with an agreement signed in October 2019 with 49 other European cities, they will take an active role in reducing the use of single use water bottles by installing more water foutains throughout the city and encouraging retailers and restaurants to discontinue the sale of water sold in plastic bottles.

To coordinate with these efforts, I will offer each Sprezzatura traveler a reusable water bottle instead of plastic water bottles during our daily excursions.

June is right around the corner, don't miss this amazing experience - reserve your seat now! Ci vediamo in Tuscany!

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