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New Safety Measures for Sprezzatura

Updated: May 18, 2020

Like it or not, living with Covid-19 is the new normal until an effective vaccine is created. We can either choose to live our lives at home or we can choose to navigate this planet taking the necessary precautions and still enjoy life.

Italy has announced that it will open it's doors to International tourism June 3, 2020. Provided there isn't another deadly outbreak, I anticipate an extremely special harvest season this fall. While I am monitoring the situation closely, Sprezzatura! Fall Foodies Edition, October 18-25, 2020 is still open with the following new safety precautions:

1. The maximum number of travelers has been reduced to 8 people.

2. All travelers must show proof of travel insurance purchased through a third party, like the airline carrier. My personal recommendation is Lufthansa. They have excellent customer service and I have learned through personal experience, their insurance is top notch.

3. All travelers must carry a face mask. Right now masks are required in Florence and other larger metropolitan areas. Keep in mind we will be spending a majority of our time in the Tuscan countryside. It will be up to our driver and small business owners to decide if masks are required outside of the cities. Ironically, I have always provided hand sanitizer and wipes in my welcome packages. I will continue that habit.

4. All travelers must agree to random temperature checks either from myself, our driver, or any business owner/operator involved in the tour.

I would be happy to answer any additional questions, should you have any. Please feel free to chat with me live via this website or contact me at Ci vediamo in Tuscany!

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