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Last Day....A Visit to Fiesole

Just outside of Florence in the Tuscan Hills lies the sleepy little town of Fiesole - a perfect little getaway after a busy week in the city, which is why I added it to the itinerary for Sprezzatura. While tourists still visit, this little town still remains a well kept secret. Why visit? The Museo Civico Archeologico features an amphitheater dated back to the Etruscan times. There is also the Museo Bandini and several churches. The main reason to visit Fiesole is the unrivaled view of Tuscany below. You can get a marvelous view from almost anywhere in this little town. But if you take on the challenge of climbing a very steep and narrow road to the very top of Fiesole, you are rewarded with the most amazing views from Convento San Francesco. This road is so steep that when you arrive to the top, you will witness that EVERYONE who arrives to the top is completely out of breath. If you made the climb several times a week, you would have buns of steel! But the one thing that you will hear everyone say is that the climb was totally worth the pain. While at the summit of the hill, you can visit the Convent and the museum. You can also choose to sit and enjoy the silence and view to take in the beauty of Florence below and reflect on your wonderful visit.

I hope you will join us for Sprezzatura and witness this wonder for yourself. Ci vediamo in Tuscany!

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