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Part of the excitement of traveling anywhere is the anticipation. In the months leading up to your dream vacation, you should read books, watch TV shows and anything that gives you more information about the place you're visiting.

The first Sprezzatura tour is under 4 months away! Each monthly newsletter will be dedicated to making you a more educated traveler with topics like coffee etiquette, food culture, safety tips and event listings.

Another way to get excited about Tuscany is to subscribe to my YouTube channel which features a Sprezzatura! Playlist. Updated regularly, it has wonderful videos about many of the places we will visit on the tour that will help you get excited about our upcoming adventure. Copy and paste the link below in your browser if it does not open here.

You still haven't reserved your seat??? Time is running out on your opportunity to save 20% on the listed price. The discount is based on double occupancy only and ends February 29. This will be the final discount offered for the year. Ci vediamo in Tuscany !

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