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Florence voted Top 10 City to visit in 2022 by Lonely Planet

Before the pandemic, Florence was experiencing uber tourism hosting 10 Million tourists per year. These tourists were a mix of travelers choosing to make Florence their base city while touring Tuscany, while the others were cruise ship passengers bused in from close by ports. While tourism is making a comeback, the EU has enacted Green Pass laws only allowing tourists from countries with approved vaccines. Locals have enjoyed the reduction in crowds so there has been a mixed reaction to Lonely Planet's ranking.

Large waves of cruise ship passengers means the city is flooded in the daytime, with more enjoyable conditions in the evenings. Museums also take advantage of evenings in the summer months by hosting extended evening hours.

This is the reason I chose a hotel just outside the city center - it's walking distance from the city center but far enough to get away from the crowds. It's also the reason we spend our days getting off the beaten path.

If we spend our winter months taking care of each other, the summer of 2022 will be a much welcomed return to traveling freely - no matter where we go.

I hope you will choose to join me!

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